Ahmed Sabri Tusker

Ahmed Tusker

The entrepreneurial journey is nonexistent without the entrepreneurial spirit, which I believe is one of the most important things you need to be successful. This spirit effects the way I think and behave as well as provides me with the leverage to create, maintain and expand my business. My personal journey started when I was 26; it was then that I decided it was time I pursued my dream of being at the forefront of engineering and infrastructure development in my country. It was always a challenge to be self-motivated and not give up, regardless of the hurdles that I faced. It required optimism, self-trust and courage which is all what TECG is about.


We offer design and engineering consultancy services, project management and quantity surveying expertise through our joint ventures with international companies combined with the local knowhow of Tusker Engineering Consultancy Group.

There are vast advantages in providing professional services collectively under one roof. The efficiencies in terms of time, management and cost are enormous and serve the best benefits of the project and ultimately the client. This has been tried and tested and clients are increasingly asking for a one-stop-shop approach where there’s one point of contact reporting into them. One of the key benefits in partnering with such established companies are their abilities to bring the cutting-edge experience and professionalism from international markets into Oman where we as TECG, adapt it to local market expectations. The global trend is leaning towards what we are now offering to the market here in Oman.

Thanks to the vision of His Majesty, government policies, public and private support and the availability of training centers and programs have given today’s entrepreneurs an upper hand and an enabling environment to ensure the longevity and success of their ventures.

We are also looking to serve the growth in the residential and commercial area as the demand due to demographic growth continues to rise. The science of forecasting is getting more and more exact and we have run models for the future and we are seeing sustainable growth well into the middle of the century for Oman. As the tourism and hospitality sectors grow, so will others and we will be perfectly placed to not only foresee them, but to assist their growth.

We are not the only group of this kind in Oman, but we are unique in what we offer and how we offer it and that is what makes us different is that we provide a home for international companies involved in the design & construction industries who aspire to work in Oman. We take care of the them in order that they can take care of you and your project.