Mirror Concept

Tusker Interiors services include consultancy /planning for interior design and fit out/execution of the project. Our products include hand carving and false ceiling of gypsum, handmade Persian Islamic tiles, acid stones, hand carved royal furniture and mirror concept cut in certain geometrical, Islamic, modern patterns and shapes. The mirror technique is a new idea implemented in the world of design. It creates a brilliants and luxuries atmosphere either from the ceiling or on the wall. This handmade art brings not only an Eastern type of antiquity but also a royal value to your house. Our expert designers take pride in placing our services and products in your project with heart and integrity. The only pride is your satisfaction. You project shall be customized based on your selection. This not only brings us confidence, but also will enhance your home with your personal taste. So please allow your flow of creativity to guide us, to design, to execute and to elaborate your environment.